Automated HF Ethanol Extraction System



HEINKEL has developed a patented automated centrifuge technology for Ethanol Extraction of Cannabis/Hemp at high volume rates of production

-Designed with the well established and proven HEINKEL HF Inverting Filter Centrifuge

-High volume production with each HF extraction line processing up to 1,400 pounds of cannabis/hemp per hour

-Fully compliant with the strict guidelines of cGMP and the FDA, the HF has been successfully installed in more the 1,000 pharmaceutical production plants

-Complete, automatic discharge of the cannabis/hemp, leaving no plant material in the centrifuge

-A fully automated process

-Handle of ethanol at temperatures down to -40 C/ F

-Fast cycle times

-Solid cannabis/hemp material can be discharged virtually free of ethanol vapors with optional Pressure Added Centrifugation System (PAC)

-Designed for Class 1 Div. 2, or Class1 Div. 1

-Ability to perform additional ethanol washes

-Automated self cleaning

-Safe, fully enclosed system