AVCO V-Port Control Ball Valves



AVCO Valves provides and excellent selection of V-Port control ball valves.  For instance, the AVCO 1800 series side entry diverter ball valve uses a 90-degree ball to swap or divert flow from one port to another or change one media flow to another media flow through a common port. This gives an easy solution to flush systems via one control point or a single point entry into a chemical mix tank and offers long life service in the most demanding conditions. Pressure classes listed in ASME B16.34 up to class 600 are catered for and flange ratings to 600# (ASME B16.5) plus other end styles are available from stock. The stem is live loaded with blow out prevention and has online adjustment capability. Sealing occurs at the thrust washer inside the body to reduce the potential for leakage. The ISO mount pad gives the ability to actuate this valve with many standard products like electric spring return actuators, thus allowing remote and rapid operation such as that required in blow-down or exhaust vent systems. As with all the 1000 series models, material choice is paramount and almost any media such as acid, resin or hardener can be handled by the valve. The broad range of metal alloys and plastics ensures the perfect solution will be found.