Combination HF Inverting Filter Centrifuge and Conical Vacuum Dryer for CBD Isolate Filtering and Drying



With the Combination HF Inverting Filter Centrifuge and Conical Vacuum Dryer for CBD isolate filtering and drying the HF Inverting Filter Centrifuge mechanically removes most of the solvent. The Dryer completes the process by thermally removing residual solvent.

• Process is automated.
• High volume process. The filtering step is short. The smallest unit (HF300.1) can discharge 6.5 liters of crystals with each cycle every 10 mins. Our midsize HF600.1 discharges 52 liters of crystals every 10 minutes.         Multiple cycles are fed into the dryer.
• Washing of crystals is standard with the HF.
• The dryer can be sized to accept several discharge cycles of the centrifuge.
• This combination has the most flexibility to expanding capacity. With two dryers, filtering and drying can be performed simultaneously by alternating feed to multiple dryers
• Automated cleaning of the machines is standard

• Two machines (centrifuge and dryer). More cost vs a single Nutsche filter dryer

CBD Isolate Crystallization Tank

Above: HF Inverting Filter Centrifuge
Below: TDC Conical Vacuum Dryer


Key Benefits of the HF Inverting Filter Centrifuge

• No minimum amount of material is required in the HF, therefore you have a greater flexibility on amount of crystals separated with each cycle. Unlike a peeler centrifuge, the HF does not leave a heel in the machine.
• Discharge of solids is accomplished by inverting the filter; therefore, material is more gently released from the filter. A knife, which sometimes breaks up the crystals, is not required.
• High filtering rates
• High efficiency cake wash
• Ability to process highly compressible material
• Very consistent quality batches
• Lower residual moisture levels
• Optional PAC (Pressure Added Centrifugation) System drives off additional solvent from the filter cake by introducing compressed gas (typically nitrogen) into the bowl of the machine (up to 6 bar), while the centrifuge is still in rotation. In many applications, a downstream dryer has been eliminated by using heated gas with the PAC System to evaporate the residual moisture. At a minimum, the solvent load on the dryer is reduced, thus decreasing drying time.
• The biggest advantage of the HF is that it completely discharges all solids from the machine. With the HF, each cycle begins with a clean filter cloth and no residual product in the bowl. Therefore, filtration remains consistent every cycle.