EKATO Industrial Agitators



EKATO agitators are designed for a wide range of volumes and pressurized or unpressurized vessels.  The unit can either be directly driven by a motor or together with a gearbox.  A connection of the motor via IEC-adapter or a gear motor are also possible.  The shaft can either be sealed by a mechanical seal or other seal types.

Standard Design

  • Lantern with double bearing and elastic couplings
  • Mounting flange/-plate
  • Splitting shaft (in-tank flange coupling)

Additional Features

  • Steady bearing
  • Short heat trap
  • Collector tray
  • Shaft speed measurement
  • Flush

Possible Seals

  • Single-acting dry-running mechanical seal
  • Double-acting fluid lubricated mechanical seal
  • Stuffing box
  • Cup collar
  • Shaft seal ring
  • Lute seal
  • Seal supply systems
  • Individual sealing liquids
  • Sealing liquids and elastomers with FDA