Ethanol Extraction Centrifugal Methods



Ethanol extraction is gaining in popularity because ethanol is effective, considered safe by the FDA, and doesn’t have the issues found with the hydrocarbon methods.  However, due to its polar properties, ethanol’s extraction needs to be controlled to limit the extraction of unwanted ingredients (i.e., fats and waxes).  The ethanol extraction method can be automated to process cannabis/hemp on a very large production scale.

HEINKEL offers manual and automated centrifugal processes for ethanol extraction.

HEINKEL’s CX 70 vertical basket extraction centrifuge will process up to 70 pounds of cannabis/hemp per batch.

HEINKEL’s patented automated HF centrifugal system will process up to 1,400 pounds of cannabis/hemp per hour.


CX70 Extraction Centrifuge
This vertical top discharge centrifuge is designed to perform ethanol extraction in the machine.

Features and advantages include:

-Compact system, easy to connect

-Auto/Manual controls

-Variable Speed Control

-Easy material loading and unloading due to low overall height of the system

-Digital HMI Interface

-Powerful drive with short acceleration and braking times

-Meets GMP requirements

-Designed for Class 1 Div 2

-Heavy duty spin drying basket speed and high G Force for maximum ethanol removal

-Insulated casing

-Low temperature operation at -40°C

-UL or ATEX approved electric components for USA or European installations

-304 and 316L Stainless Steel Construction

-Bi directional agitation for thorough immersion of cannabis/hemp

-(2) viewing sight glasses on top lid cover

-No foundation required due to a massive stainless steel baseplate


CX 70 Extraction Centrifuge Specifications

-Estimated batch run time: 20 25 min
*Actual batch run time is determined by the customers overall procedures and process parameters

-Ethanol usage per run: 60 70 gallons (227 265 liters)

-Centrifuge Speed: 0 1,400 rpm via variable frequency drive

-Maximum Gravitational Force: 691 x G

-Weight: approx. 2072 lbs (940 kg)

-Operating temperature: -40 C to +30 C ( -40 F to +86 F)

-Max. noise level: < 80 dB

-Power connection: 230 Volts, 60 Hz, 3Ph

-Drive Motor: 7 HP, UL Listed, 230 volts, 60Hz, 3 Phase Inverter Duty, explosion proof, Class 1 Div. 2 Groups C&D

-Centrifuge & HMI: Rated for Class 1 Div. 2 installation area

-PLC/VFD Control Cabinet: Rated for Safe Area installation

-Estimated Ethanol removal post run: 95% to 97%
(Estimated only, not guaranteed as this factor is influenced by the customers process parameters, machine operation by customer and botanical composition factors.)

-Foot Print with Lid Closed: 36”W x 55”L x 52”H

-Foot Print with Lid Open: 36”W x 55”L x 75”H