RunDry Wastewater Evaporator


What makes RunDry Unique?

Our competitor’s evaporators can only evaporate about 90% of the wastewater. The remaining 10% is accumulated in drums or a tank and they often pay $2/gallon to have it hauled away.

We have actually run our units dry for hours without damage. If a competitor’s evaporator ran dry, it would do major damage and result in a significant repair bill.

Since our unit can RunDry™, we actually encourage the customer to do so because it will eliminate the need to haul away a concentrated wastewater. If solids are present in the wastewater, the solids will drop out as a sludge during the evaporations process. If there is a lot of oil in the wastewater, the RunDry process will generate a residue of oil or an oil and sludge combination.

Easy Cleanout

Our competitors often have a burner tube in their wastewater tank which makes it very difficult to clean out the oil or sludge that is below it. Our wastewater tank is clear with no obstructions, making it very easy to clean. In some cases where there is only oil remaining after evaporating the wastewater, it can be pumped out to a waste oil tank and sold to a used oil reclaimer.

If your wastewater evaporates down to a dry solid or a sludge, we have an option that makes it even easier to clean the unit out – it is a sludge liftoff tray. This stainless tray is placed in the bottom of the evaporator before you start to fill it with the wastewater. Then during the RunDry™ evaporation process, the solids and sludge will settle to the bottom of the wastewater tank and land in the tray. Once your evaporation processing period is finished and the tank has RunDry™, the sludge tray can be lifted out of the evaporator and the sludge can be scraped off into a dumpster.


Benefits of a RunDry Evaporator

Numerous companies pay for a waste hauler to take their dirty water away. If these companies would switch over to using RunDry Evaporators™ they would realize these benefits:

  1. Reduce Cost:

    It typically cost $1.00 to $2.00 to have wastewater hauled away. RunDry evaporator can save companies a significant amount of their operating cost because they can evaporate waste for $0.08 – $0.25. Many companies have ROI’s of 1 year or less.

  2. Elimination of Storage:

    If a waste hauler is used, the wastewater must be accumulated in a storage tank or drums until there is sufficient volume to warrant the trip for the waste hauler. This takes up valuable floor space in the facility. There is also a potential for spills or leaks. RunDry Evaporators™ eliminate all of this!

  3. Reduced Liability:

    When a company generates wastewater they are liable for this wastewater from cradle to grave. Therefore, if the waste hauler’s truck leaves your facility and has an accident that causes the wastewater to spill on the road, the company that generated that wastewater will have to pay for the clean up. A RunDry Evaporator™ eliminates this liability.

Materials of Construction

Wastewater evaporators have two areas where the selection of construction materials can play a big role in the effective life of the unit: the exterior housing and the interior water tank.

The Exterior Housing

Many of our competitors offer their wastewater evaporators with painted carbon steel as the exterior housings. They do this because it allows them to lower their initial price in an effort to get your business. The problem is that wastewater evaporators are a wet environment and the paint job can get scratched during use. The combination of these two things can result in rust forming on the housing as can be seen in this picture of a competitor’s two year old wastewater evaporator. 

Applications for RunDry Evaporators

RunDry Evaporators™ help many industries with their wastewater problems.  Here is a list of more common applications for RunDry Evaporators™

Metal Working

  • Acid Cleaners
  • Alkaline Cleaners
  • Machining Coolants
  • Grinding Fluids
  • Die Casting Solutions
  • Aqueous Cleaners
  • Dye Penetrant
  • Heat-Treat Quench Waters
  • Lapping Compounds
  • Parts Washing
  • Phosphatizing
  • Rinse Waters
  • Stamping & Drawing Compounds
  • Tube Forming
  • Tumbling & Vibratory Solutions
  • Wire Drawing Solutions
  • Emulsified Oils
  • Cutting Fluids
  • Wire Drawing Solutions
  • Floor Scrubbing Water
  • Pressure washer waste water


  • Concentrate Stream
  • Tube cleaning wash water

Ion Exchange

  • Regeneration Waste

Metal Finishing

  • Acid Cleaners
  • Alkaline Cleaners
  • Electroless Plating Rinese
  • Ectroplating Rinses
  • Etching Compounds
  • Ion Exchange Regenerate
  • Powder Coating
  • Plating Rinses
  • Pre-Treatment wastewater
  • Degreasing Solvents

Scrap Metal Recycling

  • Oily Water
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Storm Water Runoff


  • Concentrate Stream
  • Tube cleaning wash water

Reverse Osmosis

  • Concentrate Stream
  • Tube Cleaning wash water

Free Bench Test

Maybe you are wondering, what will my wastewater reduce to after the RunDry Evaporator™ process? Maybe you have general concerns about how your wastewater will evaporate. Will there be a problem with foaming or will the waste in the water make it hard to evaporate? How much volume of solids will I need to dispose of after the RunDry™ Evaporation process?

We do not want to leave you guessing, so we are offering a free test in our bench top RunDry Evaporator™. If you send us a gallon of your wastewater, we will put it through the RunDry™ process and send the results back to you in about a week. Fill out the form to request all the information necessary to proceed with this free bench test.

RunDry Technology boils off ALL the water leaving only oil and/or solids behind.  This resulting sludge can usually go into your dumpster saving thousands off wastewater hauling costs.

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