Pre-Engineered Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers


Standard Xchange BCF, SSCF, SX2000 and B300 series are pre-engineered shell and tube heat exchangers. The BCF, SSCF and SX 2000 are straight tube, fixed tubesheet heat exchangers. The tube side can be steam or mechanically steamed but the shell side may not be mechanically cleaned. They provide maximum heat transfer surface area per shell and tube size, however there is tolerance of differential expansion. The B300 Series is a U-tube, removable bundle heat exchanger and allow for thermal expansion/shock, but individual tube replacement is not always possible. The tubes can only be cleaned chemically and single pass is not possible on the tube side making counter current flow impossible.

  • Straight Tube lengths up to 144”
  • U-Tube Shell diameters up to 30”
  • Pressures up to 150 PSI tube/ 300 PSI shell
  • Temperatures up to 450° F