Slurry Strainer/Mixer


Model 763 Automatic Slurry
Strainer/Mixer with Scraper
(Patent No. 7,981,282)


The Model 763 Automatic Slurry Strainer/Mixer with Scraper provides removal of solids and debris
without flow interruption. The strainer is designed for applications that have heavy solids loading with
particles ranging from 75 micron to 12mm (0.003” to 1/2” diameter particle).

The inlet and outlet is inline to fit most piping arrangements. The inlet area is designed as a
first stage separator, allowing particles that have a heavy density to settle out before reaching the
screen. The retention drain has a large holding capacity. This drain is not located in the normal
flow area so that it does not experience any agitation or fluid velocity. The unit is designed
for continuous cleaning cycle or a timed cleaning cycle. The valve on the blow off connection can be

timed, cycled for cleaning, or manually operated.


This unit has rails to aide in the removal of the

screen and in the adjustment of the scraper
blade. When adjusting the scraper blade, the
screen can be manually turned for fine adjustment.
The screen and scraper blade is a one piece
sub-assembly. All screens are fabricated and
machined for a tight tolerance and true running
surface. The blade can be manufactured from
various metals and plastics





• Chemical and Ethanol – Slurry process/recycle
• Process Industries – Protect heat exchangers, pumps, valves, and water spray nozzles
• Power Industry – Protect heat exchangers, pump seals, and boiler wash water nozzles
• Pulp and Paper – White water and black liquor filtration
• Wastewater Treatment – Straining secondary effluent, spray nozzles, and service water