Spiral Heat Exchangers

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The Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger is actually a family of heat exchangers based on the basic Type A spiral core. A variety of spiral heat exchangers can be created by adding or taking away weld-seams and head arrangements. This versatility makes the spiral attractive to many services and applications.



  • Paper & Pulp
  • Digester Heaters for Waste Treatment
  • Textile and Laundry Plants
  • PVC Production

High Temperature & Low Temperature:

  • Exhaust Coolers
  • High Temp Gas-to-Gas, (up to 1650°F)
  • Liquid Nitrogen & other Cryogenics

High Viscous:

  • Distillation Columns Bottom Coolers
  • Fatty Acid Coolers
  • Resin/Plastic Feed Heaters (20,000 Cp)

High Efficiency & Close Approach:

  • Heat Recovery and Cogeneration
  • Bottoms to Feed Interchangers
  • Partial & Knockback Condensers
  • Vacuum Service
  • Thermosiphon Reboilers